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Fossil websites:

Tertiary Shark Teeth Sites:

  • Black River Fossil Club
    Simply Awesome. This site proves how lucky you are if you live in South Carolina's Lowcountry. View finds from Ditchweezil's, da fOssz, thA duDe, t$, and others from trips in South Carolina and other eastern states!

  • #1 Prehistoric Shark Site!!!

  • Phatfossils A nice site by three fossil hunters. They mostly concentrate on marine fossils from the Maryland/Virginia area and North Carolina.

  • An Awesome European Fossil site. It has details on over 250 fossil collecting sites world wide. Many have images of the sites and images of fossils found there. This is just a GREAT international fossil website!!!

  • Devonian/Silurian Site:

  • New York Paleontology All about NY Paleontology, including many example field sites.

  • General Fossil Webpages:

  • Fossilweb A site for fossil news, messages, identification, recommended fossil books, etc..

  • General Paleontology sites:
    This is a site about the world's second nearly complete dinosaur skeleton. A predatory dinosaur found in New Jersey.

  • Paleomap Project Best site for information about paleomaps, and paleoclimates.
    Make sure you check out the climatic history animation.

  • Written In Stone... Seen Through My Lens This is a wonderful blog about the world of geology 'all around us'
    The author posts detailed articles about numerous paleontology topics. He is VERY detailed and comprehensive. He takes online articles to the next level!

  • Links to Clubs:

  • The Fossil Project This isn't exactly a club. The Fossil Project Cultivates "cultivating a networked community (known as a community of practice) in which amateur and professional paleontologists collaborate in learning, the practice of science, and outreach."

  • Delaware Valley Paleontological Society (DVPS) This is a wonderful Eastern PA based fossil club.

  • Dry Dredgers A good Ohio based fossil club
    At this page you will find lots of images and information from various field trips in Ohio and Kentucky.

  • Maryland Geological Society
    You guessed it, a good Maryland based fossil club

  • Fossil Excursions

  • LowCountry Fossil Excursions
    This is your one stop source for fossil hunting adventures in South Carolina.

  • Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures If you have a passion for nature and/or want to collect fossils and minerals, join Cathy Young and the Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures for a fossil collecting and nature adventure! They take trips all the time. Visit the website for a description of upcomming trips!

  • Fossil Message Forums

  • The Fossil Forum
    A nice fossil message forum. You can can upload pictures of your collection to the Gallery there, tell about your trips in the Blogs, have things identified, show off your stuff or just play some games in the Arcade!

    Tide Charts
  • Tide Tables from NOAA/NOS CO-OPS
    Pick tide predictions for any beach in the U.S.

  • Museums with online displays of fossils from featured sites

  • Calvert Marine Museum The CMM is located in Calvert County. If you are planning a fossil trip to the calvert cliffs, a visit here is highly recommended.

  • Aurora Fossil Museum The Aurora Fossil Museum is located in... you guessed it... Aurora, NC. This museum is an ode to the PCS Phosphate Mine in Aurora. It has a large collection of fossils found from the PCS mine. It is a definite must see if you are a fossil lover and happen to be in NC. They also have spoils from the mine dumped in an area across the street for visitors to search through.

  • The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) The PRI in Ithaca, New York is a nationally-ranked, Cornell University-affiliated natural history museum and an emerging national leader in earth systems education and paleontological and earth science research. PRI has outstanding nationally recognized programs in research, collections, publications, and public outreach.

    In 2003, PRI opened the Museum of the Earth, an 18,000-square-foot education and research facility whose exhibits and programs cover the spectrum of the history of the Earth and its life, with a particular focus on the Northeastern United States. Unique elements include the skeletons of the Hyde Park Mastodon and Right Whale and the 544 square foot mural, Rock of Ages Sands of Time.

  • Official Fossil Parks and other places fossil collecting is welcome

  • Aurora Fossil Museum in North Carolina
    The Aurora Fossil Museum in Aurora, NC is also listed here because they have Piles of Miocene Pungo material outside of their museum to search through. Find dozens of your very own shark teeth! Give the Museum a visit!

  • Fossil Park in Ohio "Fossil Park" is a Park near Toledo Ohio where one can collect Devonian fossils. Check out the website for directions, hours, and events.
    (NOTE: This link is usually down, as the people at the Olander park system tend to randomly change this fossil park link all the time).

  • Trammel Fossil Park in Ohio Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville Ohio has Ordovician outcroppings to look through from the Cincinnatian series.

  • Caesar Creek State Park in Ohio Caesar Creek State Park at Waynesville Ohio one can find small enrolled Flexicalymene meeki Trilobites from the Ordovician Blanchester Formation at the spillway.
    Before you collect, you MUST stop in at the Visitor's Center to review the rules and sign a collecting permit. Also in the Visitor's Center they have a nice fossil display and brochures about the fossils.

  • Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center in New York At Penn Dixie in Hamburg, NY, you can fossil hunt in an old Devonian quarry for Trilobites, Brachiopods, and Corals. If you want whole Trilobites, be prepared to dig down a bit (well worth it).

  • Fossil & Prairie Center and Park Preserve in Iowa At this park you are allowed to collect Devonian fossils. Brachiopods and Corals are common.