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Fossil Education Kits

Educational kits are great gifts for young minds with an interest in paleontology. They also work great for parents whoe homeschool and for teachers.

Discover with Dr. Cool Dinosaur Dig Science Kit
Dinosaur Dig Kit with 3 real fossils This is one of the more popular dig kits out there that contains real fossils. It has great reviews. The kids love digging up the 3 real dinosaur age fossils (a Mosasaur tooth, dinosaur bone piece, and dino poop). The real dinosaur poop it a great hit!

Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs T-Rex
Smithsonian Dinosaur Dig Kit - Model T-rex Dinosaur Smithsonian has some wonderful education kits. This one, the Dinosaur dig kit is the most popular paleontology kit out there. You dig up the dinosaur bones and then assemble the T-rex dinosaur model. This is the highest reviewed dig kit out there without real fossils.

Recommended Book:

"Pennsylvania Paleozoic Playground"

This is an illustrated book of fossils from Pennsylvania's Paleozoic period. It's a must for those who collect fossils along the mid-atlantic and from the paleozoic periods.
It is written by Kerry Matt, who is one of the foremost fossil collectors in Pennsylvania and a personal acquaintance.
Wanneria Walcottana Trilobite, Central PA The book is actually 4 books in one:

Pennsylvania's Paleozoic Playground
Overview of The Paleozoic of Pennsylvania

The Lower Cambrian Explosion of life in my back yard
Cambrian of Pennsylvania

Swatara Gap Pa. Ordovician fossil fauna
In Depth Look at the Swatara Gap

Capturing Calvert
A look at the Calvert Cliffs Fossils from the Chesapeake Bay

Echinoderms from Swatara Gap, (Steleroidea)
It's a great book to use for reference, or it's nice to simply browse through the countless high quality images of fossils. Kerry Matt has found some very rare and world class fossils, which are all shown in this book.

This over 200 page Book is Available on CD and is in word document format (.doc). Each page is a separate descriptive document file, which actually, makes it incredibly easy to find specific fossils and fossil locations.

Cost: $21 + $2 shipping

Prehistoric Predators: Monster Shark
Prehistoric Predators: Monster Shark: National Geographic
There are a TON of horrible programs and pseudo documentaries about megalodons. This is one of the few good ones that contains actual scientific facts. If you've seen any of the Discovery Channel "mocumentaries" about megalodons, you need to see this real one!
Real facts about the Real Megalodon!

NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs
Arctic Dinosaurs: NOVA
NOVA, PBS, and BBC has some of the best educational programming. This particular title sheds light on the Dinosaurs of the Polar regions. It highlits the amazing adaptations of arctic dinosaurs.

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"Calvert Cliffs Coffee Club"
Coffee Cup

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Megalodon MegaMug - Coffee Mug "Megalodon MegaMug"
Travel Coffee Mug

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