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Fossil Identification for the Calvert Cliffs of Maryland - Including Shark Teeth

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Calvert Cliffs Pages:
All About the Calvert Cliffs
Shark Fossils found at Clavert Cliffs
Other Vertebrate Fossils found at Clavert Cliffs
Invertebrate Fossils found at Clavert Cliffs
Chesapeake Bay Tide / Wind / Weather Data
Printable I.D. Sheets for Calvert Cliffs
Trip Reports for Calvert Cliffs

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Guide to Calvert Cliffs Fossils

Fossils Found in the Calvert & Choptank formations at the Calvert Cliffs of Maryland along The Chesapeake Bay and Surrounding Areas

Use this page as a fossil identification guide to the countless Miocene fossils of Calvert Cliffs.

The Calvert Cliffs contain an AMAZING amount of Miocene fossils. There are Fossil Sharks, Marine Mammals, Reptiles such as Crocodiles and Turtles, and even rare Land Mammals. Also, for the sea shell lover, there are Countless invertebrate fossils.

Due to the profuse amount of fossils, the fossils are separated by category. Simply scroll down and click on an image to go to that specific fossil page. Fossils are separated into Megalodon teeth, Other Shark Fossils, Other Vertebrate Fossils, and Invertebrate Fossils.

To learn about the Calvert Cliffs, go to the Main Calvert Cliffs Fossil Page