Dolphin Upper Thoracic Vertebra
Finding and prepping the vertebra

Digging the vertebra out of the clay slab
Amy found a tiny ~1/2" piece of bone sticking out of a large slab of clay in the water. It was only visible between the troughs of the large waves. I got soaked trying to dig it out! I don't know how she spotted it.
Clay chunk with bone in it
Here's all that was sticking out after I got the clay chunk with the bone in it out of the huge slab. We really couldn't tell what it was at this point, but decided to wait until we got home to dig it out.
After getting home and probing around a bit, I realized it may be a complete vertebra
Finished Product
After a few days of careful probing and scraping, I finally exposed most of the vertebra. I also decided to leave the rest in the matrix to help stabilize it, as it is VERY fragile.

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