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It's almost time for the Aurora Fossil Festival on Saturday May 26th!

The Festival starts on Friday and kicks into full gear on Saturday May 26th! There are fossil digs, auctions, paleontology lectures, concerts, and many other activities. Check out the event schedule on their website by clicking the above image! Don't miss this awesome festival!


Fossil Identification Guide for Aurora and North Carolina Coastal Areas.

Miocene Pungo River Fm. and Pliocene Yorktown Fm.

Fossils Found at Aurora in the Pungo River, Yorktown, and James City Formations

Due to the profuse amount of fossils, the fossils are separated. Click on an image to go to the specific fossil page.
Fossils include Shark teeth, Fish, Other Vertebrates (marine mammals), and Invertebrates

Shark tooth and Ray fossils that can be found in Aurora and other coastal areas of North Carolina - including megalodon sharks

Bony fish fossils that can be found in Aurora and other coastal areas of North Carolina

Marina Mammal fossils that can be found in Aurora and other coastal areas of North Carolina - Including Whales, Dolphins, and Seals.

Invertebrate fossils that can be found in Aurora and other coastal areas of North Carolina - Shells, Crustaceans, etc.

Recommended Books for North Carolina

Shark Tooth Hunting on the Carolina Coast

by Ashley Oliphant, 2015

This is a great field guide for locating and identifying fossil shark teeth on the beaches of North and South Carolina. It is filled with clear photographs and easy to read descriptions.
There's not too many books about North Carolina Sharks teeth. This one is pretty good!

Fossil Shark Teeth of the World

A great book for identifying all those teeth. This book is laid out "as simple as possible." It's ease of use and small size makes it great to carry during collecting trips. This book shows teeth from around the globe, but all the North Carolina teeth can be found in it.

Seal/Dolphin ~ Phoca/Stenella: A Skeletal Comparison of Two Marine Mammals

by John R. Timmerman, 1997

This is a very good book if you want to attempt to identify the numerous bone fragments encountered at this site.
This book can be purchased through the North Carolina Fossil Club - When at their website, click on the publications tab.

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