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Fossil Examples from Aurora, North Carolina

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  • New regulations are being proposed that will end nearly all amateur collecting of fossils on public land.
  • The Amateur and Professional Paleontology community is small. We all need to be heard.
  • This link shows you how you can CONSTRUCTIVELY comment on these proposed regulations to the BLM and BOR before the February 6th deadline.

  • Aurora, North Carolina Fossils

    Fossils Found at Aurora in the Pungo River, Yorktown, and James City Formations

    Fossil Identification for fossils Found in the Pungo, Yorktown, and James City formations at Aurora, North Carolina

    Due to the profuse amount of fossils, the fossils are separated. Click on an image to go to the specific fossil page.
    Fossils include Shark teeth, Fish, Other Vertebrates, and Invertebrates

    Shark tooth and Ray fossils that can be found in aurora, NC - including megalodons

    bony fish fossils that can be found in Aurora, NC

    vertebrate fossils from PCS phosphate mine in Aurora, NC

    invertebrate fossils from PCS phosphate mine in Aurora, NC