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Fossil Collectin Trip: St. Clair, PA - White Fossil Ferns - Carboniferous

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Big Brook area, NJ

Quick Trip to New Jersey
July, 2010

"Sifting in a brook"

Over the summer, I realized I would have a few free days between traveling. Extra days... What could I do with them? One thought came to mind... “Fossil Hunt!” I then remembered I haven’t been to NJ in about a year, and the last time I went I shot a bunch of photos to update the web page, then accidentally deleted them all. So, I decided to take a quick trip to the Cretaceous of NJ. Even if I didn’t find much, I could take some pictures to update the old low-resolution photos on the website.

I remembered a lesser-known spot that Wrong Way Rob and I found the prior year. I knew the place had potential, so I decided to hunt that same spot. The fossils turned out to be far and few between, but what I did find made the trip worth it. It was a decent Mosasaur tooth.

An afternoon at a quiet brook.

Fossils Found:

fossil shark tooth at Big Brook
This is the largest shark tooth I found. It's a gobblin shark.

Mosasaur tooth at Big Brook
This is the Mosasaur tooth I found. It was just sitting out in the open waiting to be found.

Here is a detailed image of the Mosasaur conodont tooth.

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