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Black Cat Mountain, OK:

Haragan Formation, Lower Devonian

Huntoniatonia (Huntonia) lingulifer specimen

Huntonia are some of the more sought after trilobites from this quarry.
H. lingulifer if the less common type. It has a long tail, while the other Huntonia species have short tails. Here is the "discovery shot" of the trilobite

This is before any prep is done to it. Roy was nice enough to prep this specimen for us. It's been sitting around for a few years waiting for me to get proper prep equipment.

Here, Roy has "roughed" it out.

Roy is continuing to prep the specimen, one side at a time.

This is the finished specimen. It turned out to be a Huntonia Linguifer (a long tailed huntonia), one of the more rare specimens.

This specimen has lost the tip of the nose, part of a genal spine, some of its eye, and part of the librigena (cheek) due to erosion before it was found. The end of the tail is also broken off.

It's about 2 3/8" (60mm) long, including the tail.

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