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Dinosauria - Ancient Sharks


Dinosauria: Ancient Sharks

Book Review: Dinosauria - Ancient Sharks

Dinosauria: Ancient Sharks

I'm in a new publication:

This publication is a collection of interviews on many aspects of prehistoric sharks. It's an interesting concept that works! Shetan Noir interviews leading prehistoric shark experts that include Dr. Shimada, Kent, and Godfrey. She also interviews well known authors, amateurs, and a paleoartist. Topics range from Helicoprion jaw structure and function, to my overview of shark origins and evolution. I like how these individual in-depth interviews cover a wide variety of prehistoric shark topics. Any prehistoric shark fan will find all of these interview very interesting.

The book is paperback in large print, contains lots of color photos, and is just over 100 pages. This makes for a fast read. There are some formatting issues, but that shouldn't take away from the great content. Overall, if you are interested in prehistoric sharks, you will find this collection of interviews fascinating and I recommend taking a look at this book! There's nowhere else you can read about prehistoric sharks with so many world class experts in one place.

Below is a link to Amazon to view details of his book:

Dinosauria and Prehistoric creatures: Ancient Sharks

Shetan Noir's paperback compilation of interviews with leading prehistoric shark experts, including Dr. Shimada, Kent, and Godfrey, offers diverse insights on an array of prehistoric shark topics like Helicoprion jaw structure. Despite minor formatting issues, the large-print book, over 100 pages with vibrant photos, provides a quick, fascinating read. Highly recommended for any prehistoric shark enthusiast. Plus I have a chapter in it!

Dinosauria: Ancient Sharks

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