• "Celebrating the Richness of Paleontology through Fossil Hunting"

About the Author: Jayson Kowinsky

The Author with a Film Crew at the Calvert Cliffs

The Author with a film crew at the Calvert Cliffs


I have a B.S. Degree in Physics and a Masters degree in Education and teach Physics courses at a local High School. I love to share my interest of paleontology through fossil hunting and want to invoke curiosity into the wonderful world of paleontology.

Although I am not a professional in the field of paleontology, I have many years of experience with paleontology and consider myself an expert in the field of avocational paleontology.

Some of my qualifications include the following:

I am presiding as the Avocational Liaison to the Paleontological Society council for 2018 and 2019.

Gave professional presentations at the 2016 SE Geological Society of America (GSA) Conference and the 2017 NE GSA Conference, and have attended other GSA and Paleontology conferences.

Have been featured in magazines including "Organic Style", "Mid-Atlantic States", "Wonderful West Virginia" and "PropTalk".

Have been on radio talk shows, including "North Jersey Talking" and "970 WLFA - Tampa Bay's News Radio".

Been interviewed in or had my fossils featured in over a dozen publications (books and media) including various School Science books and general paleontology books from large publishers including Harcourt Publishing to smaller publishers such as "Tracking Trilobites, Adventures in Paleontology" from Paul Gritis Books and "Spinosaurus (Exploring Dinosaurs)" from Library Binding, "Megalodon: Prehistoric Predator of the Deep" by Ruby Tuesday Books, and "101 American Fossil Sites you've gotta see" by Mountain Press Publishing.

Have contributed countless articles to fossil clubs and museums, including the Fossil Club of the Calvert Marine Museum, Maryland Geological Society, the Aurora Fossil Museum, and the Fossil Project.

Helped scientifically valuable specimens find their way into museums and also helped excavate specimens with museums. The highlight is a partial squalodon skull I discovered which is now at the Calvert Marine Museum.

Have conducted fossil outreach events and "kids digs" in local communities.

Am a member of the professional societies: Geological Society of America and the Paleontological Society.

Am a member of various avocational fossil societies and clubs.

The Paleontological Society also has a comprehensive writeup about the author: Interview with Jayson Kowinsky.


A few publications with interviews and/or fossil images in them by the author

Fossil Dig

Providing a "Fossil Dig" for kids at a Community event


The Author giving a professional presentation at a Geological Society of America conference

fossil excavation

The Author helping the Calvert Marine Museum quarry a fossil skull from the Calvert Cliffs

About the Author

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