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Walking Aqua Claudia


Video: Walking The Aqueducts outside of Rome - Aqua Claudia

Walk Aqua Claudia, an Ancient Roman Aqueduct

A view of Aqua Claudia, the Roman Aqueduct just outside of Rome.

About Aqua Claudia - The Aqueduct
Aqueducts were made to transport water into the city of Rome once the population became too large to only rely on the Tiber River. Aqueducts supplied water throughout the city, from the bath complexes and sewers, to the numerous roman fountains and private households.

By 300 AD there were 11 aqueducts that sustained well over a million people. Many of these aqueducts were destroyed by invaders during the fall of Rome, others were repaired and used in the Middle Ages.

A beautiful and well preserved section of aqueduct can be see just outside of Rome. It's called Aqua Claudia. Construction began on Aqua Claudia in 38 AD by Emperor Caligula and was finished by Emporer Claudius in 52 AD.

If you are in bustling Rome for a few days, take a few hours out of your afternoon and leave the busy crowds and walk the Aqueduct. The aqueduct straddles the border of farm fields and is used by local joggers, hikers, and curious tourists. It's a very peaceful place where you can take time and imagine ancient Rome.

A section of the aqueduct just outside of Rome - Aqua Claudia

How to get there:

The Aqueduct is easy to get to. Simply find a Rome Metro station that has Line A. Take Line A to Giulio Agricola. If you're in Termini (the main Rome Metro station) its 12 stops away and takes about 15-20 minutes. Line A metros arrive approximately every 3 - 5 minutes.

When you arrive at Giulio Agricola, you have a little under a half mile walk to the Aqueduct Park: Parco degli Acquedotti. From the station, walk southward 4 blocks down Viale Giulio Agrocola to the San Policarpo Church. Once at the church, turn left down Via Tuscioana for 1 block. You will see one of the many entrances to the park.

Once in the park, you will see the Aqueducts. The first one you will see is Acquedotto Felice, a relatively recent one built in the 1500's. Walk through that one toward the farm field and you will see one of the truly ancient ones. This is Aqua Claudia build between 38 and 52 AD. When you reach Aqua Claudia, you can walk either north or south along it. The longer stretch is toward the south. There is a path that follows the aqueduct for about a mile or so. The aqueduct borders a golf course and then farm fields. Stay on the paths, as you are on private farm fields.

Google Map of Aqueduct Park

Additional pictures of the Aqueduct - Aqua Claudia

Another section of Aqua Claudia, a well preserved Aqueduct.

Aqua Claudia runs past a golf course.

Standing in front of the Ancient Auqua Claudia Aqueduct.

A section of the Aqua Claudia aqueduct.

Directly below an arch of the Aqueduct.

The aqueducts can be a nice romanitc getaway from busy Rome. Pack a lunch and a bottle of wine and eat under the aqueducts!

Recommended Books and Items for Rome

Guide to the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome
This is part tour guide book and part acchaeology book. If you are in Rome and want to find the aqueducts and learn about what you are seeing, this book is for you! It provided detailed information about the history of the aqueducts and also how to reach them within and around the city.

The Storm Before The Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic.
By Mike Duncan
Also available on Kindle, this book takes us to the dysfunctional end of the Roman Empire, and goes well beyond Julius Ceaser. It's a must read for anyone interested in the Roman Empire.

Lonely Planet Rome (Travel Guide).
I love the Lonely Planet books! I make sure to download them onto my Kindel before traveling.

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