Aurora, North Carolina Fossil Hunting Trip Report - Megalodon shark tooth hunt!

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PCS Mine, NC

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Aurora. NC:

Running of the Fossil Fanatics
March 2008

fossil hunters about to enter the fossil mine
The spring 2008 seasons collecting area is IMMENSE! Im sure awesome fossils will be found every weekend for the whole season!

Running of the Fossil Fanatics

Running of the Fossil Fanatics!
The opening day of Aurora is stimulating. The first bus group heading into the mine is filled with paleontologists, geologists, and hardcore fossil nuts (like myself). One can feel the electricity in the air and taste the enthusiasm.

When the bus stops at the ramp, the entrance into fossil heaven, a growing aura of energy envelops the group. As the group awaits for the O.K. to enter the mine, emotions such as excitement, anxiety, and enthusiasm all ferment together.

Finally, when the O.K is given, the group begins to walk. The pace soon quickens. It soon turns into a race to get to the new collecting area. What undiscovered treasures wait at the back of the mine? It reminds me of the running of the bulls. However, instead of running in fear for ones life, one runs to the cry of an undiscovered fossil.

Running of the fossil fanatics.

Amy and I did quite well in the mine. The first few hours were spent in frustration as 3 megs were found sticking out of the matrix. However, when exhumed, they were all only fragments. The tides then turned as I noticed a large 4 7/8" slant height meg just laying out, nearly fully exposed on a Yorktown hillside. After that find, the rest of the day was cake.

Highlights include 2 nice whale teeth, both of which are very large. Also found was a PERFECT 2.75 mako, and a few porpoise finger digits that I needed for my porpoise hand reconstruction.

Thank you PCS for allowing us to fossil collect! It's been great!

fossil hunting along a ridge
Amy collecting on a ridge.

large hillside in the fossil mine
Trying to climb this hill.

a boulder field of pungo fossil coquina blocks
Collecting in a boulder field with some nice Pungo coquina blocks

a broken fossil megalodon tooth
This would have been a nice meg. It's only a partial meg.

a reworked megalodon tooth lying as found
Here is a beat up reworked meg. It actually appears it was knocked loose by a foot as someone walked by. This demonstrates the need to search carefully!

A nice cow shark

fossil mako shark tooth as fond insitu
This is the 2.75" perfect mako just laying on a pedistal. There were footprints all around it.

a large fossil megalodon insitu laying on the ground of the mine
This is the 4 7/8" slant height meg as found. Just lying out in plain site.

a nice fossil megalodon when it was found
My "victory" shot.

Fossils Found

fossils found during the mine fossil hunt
Here is the haul for the trip. Of course, numerouse whale verts are not shown here.

large fossil megalodon shark tooth
This is the 4 7/8" slant height lower megalodon.

large fossil mako shark tooth
Here is a PERFECT 2 3/4" mako.

fosisl cow shark tooth
A beautiful cow shark.

fosisl sperm whale tooth
Here is an unusually large sperm whale tooth. The tip is sheared off from feeding.

fossil sperm whale teeth
This is another large sperm whale tooth. Notice the extreme shape variation from the previous one.

fossil whale ear bones - bulla
These are two beautiful whale tympanic bulla, or ear bones.

fossil bird bone
Here's a nice bird bone, probably an Ulna.