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Green's Mill Run, North Carolina Fossil Hunting Trip - Fossil Shark Teeth and Mosasaur Hunt!

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PCS Mine, Aurora, NC

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Green's Mill Run, North Carolina (NC):
Shark Fossils - Cretaceous to Pliocene

October 1st, 2006

"Green's Mill Run"
This is an interesting stream. It contains fossils from the Cretaceous into the Pliocene. You never know what you can find.

On our fall trip to Aurora, we decided to take some extra time and hunt the fossil laden creek: Green’s Mill Run. This was our first fossil trip here. Paul also came down for a bit before heading back home. We spent most of the time exploring different creek sections and sifting any gravel bar we could find. For a first trip, our results were good. Most fossil shark teeth were worn or broken, but occasionally a nice fossil tooth would show up.

great white shark tooth
Here is a perfect Great White Paul found. It's approximately 1.5"

great white shark tooth
This is a perfect Great White we found. It's about 1 3/16", small but nice.

arrowhead found
This is a very worn arrowhead we found.

These are the finds of the day. Most of the finds are worn or broken teeth. From top to bottom - 1st row: megalodons - 2nd row: great whites - 3rd row: mako - 4th row: otodus - 5th row: squalicorax - 6th row: sand tiger - 7th row: modern tiger tooth.

great white shark tooth
Closeup of the 1 3/16" Great White

fossil otodus shark tooth
A worn Otodus. It has a broken tip, but is still about 1.5".

The very worn arrowhead. This is only the 2nd one we found.