Wet N’ Wild Winter Adventure!

November, 2006

Amy, shown collecting on a little sand bar

It wasn’t that wet, it wasn’t that wild, and actually, it wasn’t winter (the solstice occurs on Dec. 21st)… Although... There was the part where we overloaded and almost tipped the jet ski in the freezing water… Then there was the THICK fogbank that rolled in, preventing us from finding our way home while out in the middle of the bay... Then there was the swamp monster that devoured Amy... Well, I made the last one up, but it was still an adventure!

Anyhow, I haven’t been to the Bay much this year and Amy hasn’t been there yet. So we were past due for a collecting trip to the Chesapeake group exposures. Amy and I set out over Turkey-Day weekend to meet Paul and Paleoscan at Paleoscans fossil abode. Instead of the 4 of us pillaging a single collecting spot, we decided we could do more damage if we split up. Amy and I took off on the fossil-ski to hunt less accessible places, while Paul and Paleoscan hit other spots. We would occasionally ferry Paul to further cliff access.

Everyone did ok, no great megs were found, but lots of makos. Paleoscan found a small meg, a decent ~1 ¾” mako, and a nice croc tooth (I failed to get pictures). Paul ended up with a few nice ~1 ¾” makos, a retroflexis, and a nice croc tooth. Again, I failed to get pictures of most of the finds (My camera hasn’t been working right since the fall off a cliffside in Greece). Finally, Amy and I found a bunch of nice Makos, including a 2” beauty in matrix, a neat pathological Hemipristis serra tooth, and a cool little vertebra with shark bite marks in it.

Pictures of some random cliff exposures.

More cliff exposures.

Here are some of Paul’s finds (Sorry about the poor quality, I’ll get a new camera soon).

These are most of my finds. We found some nice makos, a few large H. serra teeth, a small posterior meg, and a pathological H. serra.

Here is a 2” mako that Amy spied in a cliff chunk.

This is the 2” mako after being prepped. The exposed portion is slightly worn, but it still makes for a nice display tooth.

Here is my best find, a 1 7/8” (slant height) mako

This is a 1 3/4” (slant height) mako with a nice tiger striped pattern.

One more 1 3/4” (slant height) mako.

This is the cool pathological Hemipristis serra tooth. I thought it was broken until I took a better look at it when I got home. It has an interesting curve and has a double tip going on.

This is the porpoise vertebra with shark bite marks in it. There are three scrape marks, the third one is difficult to see in this image.

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