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Blackwater Fossil Diving

Blackwater diving for fossil Angustidens shark teeth in South Carolina

This is the Edisto river.  This spot has a large gravel bed and the chandler bridge formation below.

This is the Edisto river. This spot has a large gravel bed and the chandler bridge formation below.

We met up with Ditchweezi, the fossil extraordinaire, for a Blackwater fossil dive. He took us to a spot along the Edisto river where he has scored big in recent times. When we got there, he said the river was a little high, and the current may be a little strong. Because of this, Aim wanted to be tied to me incase something would happen. This turned out to be a very good idea. As soon as we geared up and dove into the water, Aim began to drift away. We sunk to the bottom and dug in our screwdrivers to keep from drifting even further. Unfortunately, Amy couldn't battle the current and was being tossed down the river with me attached. Eventually I got a good hold of the river bottom and pulled her toward me. Every time I would let go of the rope to rest and catch my breath, she would immediately get sucked down the river, and I would get tugged with her. I realized her dive was over. I motioned to her to swim to the shore. As we surfaced, a nice landowner began to laugh at us, "There's a strong current today" he chuckled. The nice landowner suggested that we cut through his property so we could make it back to the road, where we could walk upstream to our parked cars. We immediately took him up on the offer. Back at the car I deposited Amy, and went back in the river to use the rest of my tank looking for fossils. I didn’t find much on the fist dive. However, on the second dive, I went down with Ditchweezil so he could point out the layer to look for under the sand. With that knowledge, I had a good second dive. I found 2 decent angustidens, they are slightly worn and beat up, but they are much better than the angy’s I found previously.

After the 2nd tank was used up, we departed. Ditchweezil didn't really score anything too good, but sometimes you have those days. I found my 2 angustidens fossil shark teeth and Amy got a nice suntan waiting on shore. The next time we dive, I am loading Amy up with major weight, or maybe I'll just get a trained dolphin for her to hold onto.

Pictures of the dive and the fossils

These are the two Angustidens fossil shark teeth I found.

Here is Ditchweezil. His Identity is finally revealed!

This is Amy's find of the trip. A pair of Trilobite earings found in a Charleston shop. Cool!

Here are my diving finds. Not allot, nothing of high quality, but I still like the two angustidens fossil shark teeth - predecessors to the megalodon shark!

And finally, a close up of the two angustiden fossil shark teeth. The little one has a 2 3/8 inch slant, and the larger one has a 2 5/8 inch slant.

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