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Fossi Hunting Along the Calvert Cliffs

The cliffs from the bay.  This section of cliffs is around 80 feet tall.

For those of you who haven't been to the cliffs, this picture gives you an idea of how tall some of them are. Notice the two fossil collectors at the beach.

This is also a good image to show how dangerous it is to dig in the cliffs, just think.. Hmmmm... lets see... physics... This section looks to be about 15 people high, that's about 83 ft, or 25.3 m... Vf = Vi + sqrt(2ax) = 22.3 m/s = 49.9 miles/hour. If someone caused a small collapse, the stuff from the top of the cliffs would hit the person at a speed of roughly 50 miles per hour! Yuck! Stay away from teh base of the cliffs!

The Clavert Cliffs Trip Report

I went to the cliffs in hopes of finding giant 7 to 7.5" megalodon teeth, but came home with none. I'm thinking about lowering my standards... Naaaa!

In the morning we decided to try diving again, give the dive spot 1 more chance... Boy we shouldn't have! The formation was there, but no fossils at all, not even little bone fragments that are everywhere.

After the unsuccessful dive, we kayaked to a nice section of cliffs that always produce nice specimens. We got there at low tide and started hunting. We found a few things barely over an inch. It was a very disappointing day. My best finds were some H. serra teeth that will go nicely in my snaggletooth dentition that I am making, and a PERFECT mako (Giant White) tooth. This White tooth is EXTREMELY well preserved, like it just came out of the sharks mouth. Unfortunately it's only 1.25" in size...

O well, all was not a waste. It was fun kayaking in the bay, we even chased some rays in the bay, soaked up the sun as we aimlessly drifted down the bay channel, and even saw a rather tame fox.

Below are pictures of the trip and the fossils

Here are the fossils we found. Highlights are a nice porpoise tooth, an exquisitely preserved 1.25" mako (Giant White) tooth, and two hemepristis serra teeth. One of the H. serra teeth still has matrix on it. It had just fallen from the cliffs, top of Zone 11 I believe.

This is a pic of a rather tame Fox we saw at the place where we parked our car.

Here is one of the rays sunning itself at the surface in the morning along the cliffs. Cow Nosed Rays are a common sight at the surface on sunny mornings.

Another sunning itself at the surface in the morning along the cliffs. Cow Nosed Rays are a common sight at the surface on sunny mornings.

Another sunning itself at the surface in the morning along the cliffs. Cow Nosed Rays are a common sight at the surface on sunny mornings.

Here's a close up of a cow nosed ray inches below the water. In the kayak you can sneak up on all kinds of wildlife.

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